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Customer Experience for Creators
From disruptive big ideas to conversion and engagement-driven marketing, TBWA is the global partner of adidas that offers a full-funnel approach. We live and breathe this brand, that shares the braveness to be disruptive and stand out in this ever-changing landscape. Through close collaborations with other departments and countries, X backs up the creative ideas with conversion tactics & data technology and designs the digital campaigns that will be remembered.
adidas X London

To make London’s #1 sports retailer, TBWA\X collaborated with TBWA\LONDON for a city take-over campaign. adidas x London: exclusive looks, curated by Londoners, for Londoners. Together with adidas, we took the disruptive approach. Because who knows Londoners better than they do? Londoners from all neighbourhoods became the faces of the campaign. They chose their own looks and were shot in their own neighbourhoods. Week after week new styles were dropped. X created a continuous content flow from landing pages and active push notifications to a product and purchase level. The weekly release of new content was followed by optimisation of all platforms and devices so that next week’s content would be even more relevant and effective. As TBWA we converted this city collection to a full 360-degree digital campaign that paid off.
Goodbye Gravity – the Ultraboost 20 is going to space

When it comes to adidas’ product development, the sky is definitely not the limit. adidas will go as far as sending a shoe off this planet to increase its functionality on Earth. And so they did. The product launch of the out-of-this-world energy return shoe: Ultraboost 20, introduced the partnership with the ISS U.S. National Laboratory. An industry-leading initiative that symbolises the mission to keep pushing the boundaries of discovery for the benefit of the athlete, world and beyond. TBWA\NEBOKO was at the heart of the story, conceptualising and visualising, from the concept of breaking free from gravity to the shoe design itself. To bring it all to life on Earth, TBWA\X formed each point in the digital customer journey, from attracting to purchase, specifically designed for the target group, covering all different phases of communication – from teasing with the partnership announcement to exclusive early-access for members and sustaining the excitement throughout the whole funnel. We transformed all digital channels; from CRM and display banners, to global onsite & app content, and made the various elements complement each other to optimise the flow. In this way, we ensured to guide the customer journey along the different touchpoints and give them the taste of space experience.
Creators Unite

In order to become the most socially talked about brand during the Rugby World Cup in Japan, TBWA\HAKUHODO formed the idea to unite creators of all kinds. adidas, it’s Rugby team the All Blacks with their creative play and visual artists. An unpredictable combination, but unpredictability is what makes this sport creative. By uniting these creators, the unexpected happened. A chemical reaction that TBWA\X showcased in the custom digital brand experience. The website exhibited the artwork; a combination of in-action shots of All Black players in the artists’ unique style, and explained the story behind the artists and the artworks. Spreading these unique pieces of art was encouraged. In addition to aesthetic beauty and creativity, the website offered an engaging experience. The visitors had the opportunity to pick their own luck, by choosing their favourite player and spinning the wheel. As an extra sharing incentive, rare gif’s could be found. This way, we made unpredictability and creativity even more prominent in the digital experience. Not only did TBWA\X design this experience, we were also responsible for the journey towards this platform from the own channels such as .Com, App & CRM. All assets were designed, written and strategically launched.
Share Your Stripes

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the brand with the three stripes TBWA conceptualised a unique global sales promotion. The campaign celebrated the unity between creators, showing off their appreciation of each other. Because every creator has someone who inspires, supports or pushes them. So it was time show your appreciation and SHARE YOUR STRIPES. This is how it worked: for every 2 stripes (products) you buy, you get 1 for free, to share with a fellow creator. Athletes like Pogba and David Beckham shared their stripes and pass the ball on to you. Together with Neboko we conceptualised digital activations, and made the visual language come to live on all owned channels by providing global markets a guide, adaptable for localisation.
Faster Than_

TBWA’s latest campaign for adidas Running, ‘Faster Than_’, was based on the insight that being ‘fast’ is not just about speed; ‘fast’ is a personal feeling that anyone can achieve. \NEBOKO found runners whose stories embodied this concept, such as Martinus Evans, a 300lb marathon. The campaign, with its overarching language across the entire SS20 adidas ‘Fast’ running range, but also with shoe specific expressions, translated into a running take-over on owned channels (.Com, App & CRM) as well as Display Ads. With converting content created specifically per gender, product, phase, community and device, TBWA\X managed to deliver a global campaign with 800+ executions that truly empowers personalisation.