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How to personalise the mobile minutes at the gas station?
ExxonMobil challenged us to completely redesign and digitalise Esso’s loyalty program in the Benelux. We defined a new strategy for the brand, with a customer experience approach, as well as designed and built a more relevant and contemporary loyalty program across web and mobile. The entire program is designed from a customer’s perspective - giving them a reason to walk into the gas station, rather than just staying at the tank. Save and redeem points at every fuel up.
Fuel Up The Points

With the Esso Extras program points on fuel purchases can be saved. A user receives a point per liter at manned gas stations, and a point at every two-liter at unmanned stations. But it can be saved even faster! By using the card at the shop - and clean purchases as well.

Points can be spent on a range of different gifts. Save for gift cards on the favourite brands, discounts on tickets for the zoo, theme parks, etc. and discounts on fuel and selected shop products. At Esso you are in charge! You decide how to redeem and what you want to redeem.
A matching CRM Approach

We are supporting Esso’s Benelux organisational needs by providing the right tools for digital transformation. With a data driven strategy, we are extending customer lifetime value and loyalty to the Esso Brand, by harvesting data at the customer level.

Our digital strategy and CRM approach encompasses the full scope of digital touchpoints and communications tactics e.g. data segmentation, customer profiling, app, web and email communications, lifecycle consumer programs, app launch campaigns, consumer engagement campaigns, communication strategy, tactics and road mapping.
Joined forces with Red Bull

To create a more engaging customer experience, we partnered up with Red Bull and attracted new app members, both existing Esso Extras plastic card members and new members. The customer journey started by downloading the app. New app users were encouraged to sign up which made them entitled to a free can of Red Bull. While picking up the price at any Esso gas station store, customers can capture the moment at fuel up their cars.

In addition, with the joining forces of Esso Extras and Red Bull, we decided to upgrade our program and offer some entertainment features. Thus we designed the Formula1 Pitstop challenge and gave an opportunity to everyone to get involved with the Esso and Red Bull brands by trying their skills in the game. Adding this feature was a great success since it led to a huge uplift in a number of new loyalty program members, Esso app downloads and the overall app activity.