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Meer Hema
It was time to kickstart the digital disruption of the 91 year old retailer. For HEMA, we crafted a data-driven customer experience approach to future proof their “meer Hema” loyalty program.
The native app brought customer loyalty to a new level by giving customers truly ‘meer HEMA’. Customers save points to spend on the presented rewards, which differs per person. The impact below details the amount of digital engagement generated. The secret of its success? The program got into the DNA of HEMA! At checkout, employees steered customers to the app by mentioning the free application vs the card for one euro, generating a bunch of relevant customer data as a result.
Millions of members registered.

Almost 50% of members are app users.

48% More Online Conversion.

40% Higher Average Order Value.

Number one in the Dutch app store during the 2 months after launch.
Experience of convenience

Customers can order products online, or find a product in physical stores with the stock-check functionality. With the HEMA product scanner, they can access in store information about stock or product details.They’ll be the first to know about the latest promotions, thanks to push notifications with special offers and updates.