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Goodtimes in your pocket
TBWA\X led the creative transition of the worlds’ biggest fast-food chain towards a new global app platform. From support with the campaigns to developing popular in-app games and CRM, we ensured an optimal customer experience ensuring customer loyalty. TBWA\X has taken part in the effective and unique approach of McDonald’s branding.
Gift Calendar

Running up to McDonald’s biggest campaign of the year we introduced a gamified experience to start the excitement of the 2018 Christmas gifting period. A fun, yet data-driven game with the good times mentality of the brand. The goal of the addictive game? To catch as many of your favorite burgers be rewarded with discounts, giving McDonald’s a better insight in customers preferences.

The game is a small taste of McDonald’s ‘Cadeau Kalender’, an in-app advent calendar where rewards can be unlocked every day. Due to its huge success, ranking the app #1 in the App Store, it made a comeback in December ’19. This time we added extra “hidden” layer on top of the normal calendar. App users could discover the new parallel word of gifts by turning their phones upside down where they could play extra little games we build. We took this gamified experience to the max and it broke all records.
Winning Winter

To make the winter more fun, and to make members continue to interact with the app, an ice cutting game has been created. Amazing prizes such as iPad's, speakers and FitBit's were handed out to highscore players. With a weekly competition, consequent engagement was achieved.

McDonalds Campaign Pages

A day without meat? Or good start of the day with a freshly prepared breakfast at McDonald's? The McVeggie, McFlurry and McBreakfast are some of the campaign pages TBWA\X helped develop. With the catchy phrases, playful designs and smooth interaction the campaign pages were well-off in introducing the new products.

Gamified experiences increase fun which enhances value: customers playing the McBreak games show increased engagement and loyalty in the period after. The McBreak games match the younger audience who use the app. Every certain period, a new game was launched to keep the users excited. In one of the games, app-users could choose out of 4 burgers to play with. The data gathered by this game can provide information about the preferences customers have regarding the burger, this is just one of the many examples.
The McNificents

In order to raise the awareness of the Roland McDonald House charity, TBWA\NEBOKO turned three kids that are experiencing serious health issues into true superheroes. For instance, Keano - who has suffered from a heart attack and wants to fight monsters by controlling the electricity from his heart. Based on their story, appearance and unique super powers these kids became Happy Meal collectibles. TBWA\X designed & build the website where these stories came alive. The team ensured the digital integration of content by bridging the physical Happy Meal box to the hero video through QR codes.
Club M

“Good times’’ to the young audience, this is how it’s done. McDonald’s collaborated with Spinnin’ Records to throw a one-of-a-kind party. For one night, the restaurant was turned into a nightclub! Yes you read that right. With performances from top artists, this party went viral. TBWA\X made sure that McDonald’s app was ready to receive all the sign-ups. Those, who had the desire to attend, could register with their age and subscribe to the party. At the end of the subscription, a draw to pick the winners was held. Out of thousands of participants, 150 people of 16 and 17 years old were chosen and invited to the exclusive party. The partygoers were actively filming and sharing their fun times which led to major increased in brand awareness.