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La Place Extra’s
How do you create The Netherlands’ number one restaurant loyalty program, focusing on the customer experience?
Data + omnichannel + rewards = magic.

We completely redesigned the La Place app in order to boost performance,
retention, loyalty and integrate seasonal campaigns and content. At the centre, our loyalty program La Place Extra’s. These in-app coupons become more personal at every transaction. Through analysing data of the use of vouchers in combination with the user’s transactional data, hyper personalised offers are created for the app users. Through data collection, we’re also able to engineer seasonal campaigns on the basis of customer data insights.
30% more unique visitors compared to the previous year.

40% existing customer retention.

The use of vouchers went up with 41%, considerably increasing overall revenue.

500K active app users.

More than a million app downloads.

Nominated for the Dutch Interactive Award in the “data” category.
Member-Get-Member Campaign

To increase and steer organic growth of app users and loyalty registrations, we launched the Member-Get-Member campaign. Members could invite friends to join the program and both get a reward in return. A message with a unique code was shared via WhatsApp or Facebook, directing the invitee to either the app, if installed, or to the app store for download.

AR Easter Egg Hunt

Around Easter, we launched an AR campaign that combined the app experience with the physical restaurant visit. We created a digital egg hunt across restaurants where physical eggs could be scanned through the app to gather rewards. Tens of thousands restaurant visitors looked for the hidden La Place eggs across the country. Five lucky winners even got a year of free food & drinks!